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I am so excited to have been given the opportunity to share my thoughts with the hope of making a difference one day at a time…

My name is Miss Maddie and I have been a rehab professional (Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant) for over 20 years and to this day, I am still in love with this profession!!! Occupational Therapy is about helping people live life to the fullest, by enabling them with possibilities and resources to reach independence in the skills of living.  I love helping people and compassion is what it is all about.  Over the course of my profession, my expertise in REHAB is GERIATRICS.  I have had the best experiences throughout the years from my mentors, instructors, and of course,, my patients, the best teachers I have!! Ever time I have the opportunity to help them, I get something in return and that is, how I learned from them… how I made it easier for my clients to age gracefully wherever they may be!

Aging.. comes to us naturally, but should not be a hindrance to living life fully and happily.  It should be embraced with open heart, but sometimes, that seems easier said than done 🙂  Aging does not have to cause anxiety and fear. When we age, our body starts to feel it as our bones start to get brittle, and joint pain starts to take over. Most of us will do our best in holding on to our abilities to maintain skills of living for as long as we could.  WE will not let pain take over, and continue to keep up with the habits of a healthy lifestyle. Some will maintain a healthy diet,  maintain strength and stamina by a daily walk in the park, enjoy social activities in the local senior center, babysit grandchildren or volunteer at a local library or hospital to fulfill a purposeful, enjoyable and satisfying life.

What happens when setbacks occur? Fear of the unknown sets in, but the good news is there is COMPASSION in the world when we open ourselves and let the help come in. Our care team providers encourage the possibilities of empowering and helping you reach your goal of aging gracefully in your own home. 

“Aging gracefully at HOME is an art of caring with a touch of team work between you and your care providers” 

Here at Trinity Home Care Solutions, our promise is to serve and empower you so you can achieve your goal of having that peace of mind in the comfort of your home.  Our COMPASSIONATE and experienced caregivers are here to assist you every step of the way. Your safety and wellbeing is our top priority. 

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